Ultrasonic cleaning of the face

One of the most popular procedures in cosmetology is the process of removing the upper layer of skin using ultrasonic vibrations. Similar name of this type of cleaning "ultrasonic peeling" the Main advantage of ultrasonic cleaning is that the impact on the skin of ultrasound can effectively clean the skin from dirt, without injuring it and without causing pain at all stages of the procedure. Ultrasonic cleaning of the face removes dead cells of the upper layer of the skin, cleanses and narrows enlarged pores, eliminates black dots, normalizes the production of sebum, thereby removing the greasy Shine and reducing the risk of new rashes in the form of acne (pimples) Under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations, blood supply is stimulated and lymph circulation in the skin of the face improves, which in turn leads to muscle tone and provides skin tightening. The duration of the procedure is 15-30 minutes. After the procedure, you get a beautiful and healthy complexion, without redness and other side effects.