Plasmolifting «Russia»

Plasmolifting is a unique, innovative therapeutic and rejuvenating injection procedure that involves subcutaneous injection into problem areas on the face, body and scalp, enriched with platelets of the patient's own blood plasma, which activates the body's own reserves and triggers the biological mechanism of natural skin rejuvenation. The basis of this method of "self-rejuvenation" is the restoring effect of platelet-rich plasma, by using Russian tubes for Plasmolifting with a high degree of plasma purification, corresponding to international quality standards ISO and CE.

Indications for plasmolifting:
- any age-related skin changes, facial wrinkles (shallow);
- acne;
- rosacea (vascular grid);
- hair loss;
- flabbiness, dryness and reduced turgor of the skin of the face, neck, hands, thighs, stomach;
- treatment of stretch marks, scars on the skin;
- prevention of skin aging after 28 years;
- skin rehabilitation after peeling or ablative rejuvenation.

How the procedure works:
Step 1. Examination of the patient and consultation with a cosmetologist.
Step 2. the patient's venous blood is drawn into a biotechnological plasmolifting tube.
Step 3. Next, the blood is divided into fractions on a laboratory centrifuge and we get an injectable form of platelet autoplasm.
Step 4. The method of micro-injection of platelet rich plasma is injected inside the problem areas, then treated with an antiseptic.

The procedure is performed by a course prescribed by a cosmetologist with breaks.
As a result, the skin becomes soft, smooth and younger for several years, returns to the tone, tightened facial contours, reduces depth of wrinkles and fade acne marks and spots, accelerated skin healing after damaging treatments (peeling, laser resurfacing, etc.)
There are contraindications.