Contouring - lip augmentation

Lip contouring is a procedure that allows using injections of fillers based on hyaluronic acid to increase the volume of the lips, return and give a more natural and natural volume, correct their shape, raise the corners of the mouth.

Indications for use:
1. Increase lip volume;
2. Correction of the lip contour;
3. Age-related changes, loss of elasticity, firmness, wrinkles and folds of the lips;
4. Lowering the corners of the mouth;
5. Giving a new shape;
6. Moisturizing lip

The process of contouring the lips:
- Examination of the patient and consultation with a cosmetologist;
- Anesthesia. Local anaesthetic, done as necessary. If you are hypersensitive and want to enter an analgesic;
- Introduction of the filler. The main procedure, the introduction of gel under the skin of the lips at different depths, in different areas of the surface of the upper and lower lips, depending on the desired correction. The amount of the drug to be administered is agreed with the client and depends on the desired correction.
- Massage. At the end of the procedure, a light massage is performed, shaping and distributing the gel evenly inside the lips.

As a result-beautiful, beautiful and desirable lips that will please You from six months to a year, and then naturally turn to their natural forms.

This procedure is not the most pleasant, but you will see the result immediately. If you are in doubt with the desired volume, it is best to break the procedure into several stages, so You can better control the desired result from more natural to sensually plump lips.
However, like any intervention, the procedure has contraindications.