Consultation of a cosmetologist

Consultation of a cosmetologist in our center is an individual approach to solving cosmetic problems of the face and body. The specialist examines the necessary area, assesses the type and condition of the skin, takes into account the patient's age and other individual characteristics, and then makes recommendations for conducting procedures for a specific case. Depending on the problem that needs to be solved, you can be offered various "methods": facial cleansing, peeling, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, plasmolifting, carboxytherapy or other cosmetic measures. In some cases, the cosmetologist may assign you an additional examination by related specialists: gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, therapist, gynecologist . In addition to prescribing the necessary course of treatment, the cosmetologist can also give recommendations on skin care and the selection of cosmetics . In our center, you can get a consultation for free.